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... so I guess it's time for an update ...

Posting this from Kilauea Military Camp on the BIg Island. I'm here for the HIANG Commanders Conference... returning to Oahu tomorrow night.

More about Kilauea in a bit.

First, an update on my sister: she got back from Mexico a few weeks ago, and apparently at least one of her tumors shrunk by some 30 percent with the treatment. Thank you to those who've prayed on her behalf!

Also been at my new job for about a couple months. It's interesting and challenging, and I'm slowly getting used to things. I'm also developing a more regular schedule, where I'm at work during the day and (mostly) off at night. I've been splitting my hours, though, so I work in the morning, take off for a couple hours for lunch/PT, then come back in the afternoon and work until early evening (6-7pm). This gives me the advantage of at least having an hour or so to concentrate with less distractions at the end of the day. As for fundage... I'm making roughly the same, perhaps slightly more, than I did at my last job, but without shift work. Instead, I get comp time, especially once I go on standby (a duty that gets rotated every week). Not sure yet when that will happen, but I imagine it'll be within a month or two.

Okay, now back to KMC. My first time to the camp, though definitely not my first time to the volcano. It has been a while, though -- the last time I came it was with [livejournal.com profile] araquan back in 2002 or so, which means it's been at least 13-14 years since I was last here. Back then, Halemaumau Crater wasn't active, and you could drive/walk to the lava flow where it crossed the road. Now, though, you can see a nice red glow and smoke from Halemaumau at night, and the road to the lava flow is closed (visitors were apparently having respiratory problems because of the eruption in the crater).  Here's a view from one of the lookouts. The pic is a bit deceptive -- this is near the edge of a cliff, behind a protective railing, where there is an EXTREMELY steep drop just beyond all the vegetation.

And here's one from roughly the same location, taken at night:

Definitely awesome to be where there's an active volcano.

And just for good measure, check out what I saw in KMC's parking lot near the flagpole when I got back from viewing the lava flow in the afternoon:

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