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A while back one of my FB friends, who's also a furry, posted something about the fandom on his page.  One response was from someone who I believe was a relative (aunt or cousin).  It looked like the person was a devout Christian and lambasted the fandom because she believed it necessarily led to eventual beastiality.

With all due respect, I disagree.

If you were asking me if the fandom COULD lead to beastiality, I'd say the answer is yes.  If you were asking me if it HAS done so, I'd say yes, more than likely (educated guess there).  But where I take issue is the claim that the fandom MUST lead to beastiality.  Religion aside, that assertion is plain BS.  I use myself as an example:  I've been in the fandom since 1993 and have had a fursona since 1994.  My link to the fandom is that I like cats, having growin up with three of them and currenlty being owned by one.  And while I'll snuggle and play with Lani (by letting her chase a favorite toy), I have never wanted to have sex with her (or even any larger animal).  Not only is it physically impossible (or at least highly improbable), I'm pretty sure Lani would claw the living daylights out of me if I ever attempted to violate her in that way.

And FWIW, I'm a Christian myself but I don't believe in beastiality.  But to say that the fandom will always lead to it is, IMHO, ignorant at best and downright arrogant at worst.
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