Mar. 12th, 2017

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Yesterday we held a memorial service (celebration of life) for my sister, who passed away last month (see previous post). We did the service in the morning, followed by lunch, then a private burial in the afternoon.

That said, I'm taking a few days off work to handle some administrative/logistical stuff and to just unwind.

I've also decided what I'd like to do in the event I'm diagnosed with some kind of critical illness. Based on the angst that developed when my sister was sick and didn't want anyone knowing, I'd prefer that my family (including relatives) and friends know, on two main conditions:

1. No drama. Please. Being sick is bad enough without people adding unnecessary drama to it.

2. Please, PLEASE respect my wishes. If I say no visitors, it doesn't mean bring an entourage with you, no matter how worried you are. There's usually a good reason behind not wanting visitors, and all I ask is that my wishes be respected.

Beyond that, pretty much anything goes, but also don't blow things out of proportion.

Okay, enough of that... time to get off the soapbox and down to brass tacks, as it were.

Sometime in the near future I'll likely be getting the house, as my brother-in-law plans to sell his share of the house (which he inherited from my sister) to me and move out. Once that's done, I'll probably clean up both upstairs and downstairs, move upstairs, and rent out downstairs. This definitely won't be an overnight thing... it'll probably take at least a couple of years, if not longer, to do this. Part of the reason I want to move upstairs is that it'll bring back memories of when I was growing up because my parents and I lived upstairs and we rented out downstairs. Not to mention cleaning up the place won't be a small or easy taks, and I'm not just talking about my junk downstairs (of which, sadly, there is quite a bit)... there's also a lot of stuff upstairs that will probably need to be sold, donated, or just plain thrown out. I do want to keep a handful of stuff, especially anything that belonged to my parents, but there's a lot of stuff that I have that I'm not super attached to and don't mind chucking... just been too lazy to do it.

At some point I'd like to install solar on the house as well as put in split a/c in both upstairs and downstairs, but obviously I'm not gonna make any moves until I actually assume ownership of the house.

Then, somewhere down the line, I'll probably welcome visitors -- and who knows, maybe even have a few parties at the house. But that's looking pretty deep into a crystal ball that's a bit hazy at the moment.

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